Fire Extinguisher Brackets

Fire extinguishers are crucial fire safety devices, but they’re only as reliable as their accessibility. That’s where fire extinguisher brackets come in handy. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the types of fire extinguisher brackets, their applications in case of fire, customer types, typical price points, and the most popular models and manufacturers.

1. Wall Hanger Brackets

Wall hanger brackets, as the name suggests, are designed for mounting fire extinguishers on walls. They’re the go-to choice for homeowners and businesses1.

  • Target Customers: Homeowners, businesses of all types.
  • Popular Models: Kidde 4680432.
  • Price Point: Typically between $5 to $153.

2. Vehicle/Marine/Aviation Brackets

These brackets are designed to securely hold fire extinguishers in vehicles, boats, and aircraft, ensuring they stay in place during movement4.

  • Target Customers: Vehicle owners, mariners, and aviators.
  • Popular Models: First Alert BRACKET22.
  • Price Point: Generally ranges between $10 to $303.

3. Heavy-Duty Vehicle Brackets

Heavier fire extinguishers require heavy-duty vehicle brackets, designed to withstand the rigors of commercial or industrial vehicle use5.

  • Target Customers: Commercial and industrial vehicle operators.
  • Popular Models: Kidde 466400K2.
  • Price Point: Typically between $20 to $403.

4. Heavy-Duty Box Type Vehicle Brackets

Box type brackets offer additional protection in harsh environments, such as mining or construction, where debris could potentially damage the extinguisher6.

  • Target Customers: Mining and construction industries.
  • Popular Models: Amerex 8642.
  • Price Point: Generally ranges between $30 to $603.

5. Heavy-Duty Rubber Strap Brackets

Rubber strap brackets use flexible, durable straps to hold the extinguisher, offering a more forgiving and flexible hold, ideal for high-vibration environments7.

  • Target Customers: Industrial machinery operators, off-road vehicle owners.
  • Popular Models: Amerex 8602.
  • Price Point: Typically between $25 to $503.

6. “I” Beam Brackets

“I” beam brackets are designed to hang extinguishers from “I” beams often found in commercial or industrial settings8.

  • Target Customers: Commercial and industrial businesses.
  • Popular Models: Badger 210078672.
  • Price Point: Generally ranges between $20 to $403.

While these are the most common types, the specific needs of your situation might dictate a different choice. As always, consider professional advice when dealing with fire safety equipment. Stay safe!


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