Fire Hoses

Fire hoses, integral to firefighting operations and fire safety practices, come in a variety of types, each designed for specific types of fire and situations. This comprehensive guide will walk you through different types of fire hoses, their applications, popular manufacturers, and models, as well as typical price points to assist homeowners, business owners, and fire professionals in making informed purchasing decisions.

1. Attack Fire Hoses

Designed to combat fires in their initial stages, attack hoses are lightweight, flexible, and have a high-pressure rating [1]. They’re used primarily in municipal services and by professional firefighters.

  • Popular Models: Key Fire Rack & Reel, Firequip Attack Lite[^2^,^3^].
  • Price Point: Typically ranges between $80 to $2002.

2. Supply Fire Hoses

Larger and less flexible than attack hoses, supply hoses are designed to transport water from a water source to the fire scene1. They’re used by both municipal services and rural firefighters.

  • Popular Models: Armored Textiles N56H15HD50N, Armored Textiles G51H15HDG50N[^5^,^6^].
  • Price Point: Typically ranges between $150 to $4002.

3. Forestry Fire Hoses

These are specifically designed to combat wildfires. They are lightweight, resistant to abrasion, and able to maintain flexibility even in extreme conditions [3]. They’re used by forest service firefighters.

  • Popular Models: Armored Textiles N51H25H15N, Key Fire Pro Flow LDH Agricultural and Forestry Fire Hose[^5^,^8^].
  • Price Point: Typically ranges between $80 to $2502.

4. Occupant Use Fire Hoses

These hoses are designed for use by the occupants of a building in the event of a fire [4]. These are typically found in commercial buildings, high-rises, and apartment complexes.

  • Popular Models: Firequip DJ 800 Nylon Double Jacket Fire Hose [5].
  • Price Point: Typically ranges between $50 to $1502.

5. Booster Fire Hoses

Booster hoses are designed for fighting small fires and hot spot suppression, usually installed on firefighting apparatus [6]. They are typically used by professional firefighters in municipal services.

  • Popular Models: Key Fire 5MB50P-B50 Booster Hose [7].
  • Price Point: Typically ranges between $100 to $3002.

While fire hoses may not be a standard purchase for homeowners, they are an integral part of fire safety for businesses and are an essential tool for professional firefighters. Knowing which type of hose is best suited for a specific situation can greatly enhance your fire preparedness and response. On the other hand, if you are a homeowner, you may be interested in our detailed fire extinguisher shopping guide.  Stay safe!


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